Fashion for all Seasons

It’s hard to choose dresses for all season following fashion and trends because fashion is ever changing. Day by day we see new fashion coming through our way and it’s hard to embrace everything that comes. To be worry-free through every season you should be creating a wardrobe full of fashion which can cater all season. One can think about how it is possible if fashion is changing daily then how you can create a fashion full wardrobe. But let’s not get frustrated we are here and going to help you.

Light dresses:

Choose lightweight cool summer dresses like most of the weather we have in our country is mild to hot and a small portion of winter. Following summer fashion trends will sustain for a long time. Summer fashion trends can include unstructured dress, sleeveless and light colored slim fit dress. Follow trends but don’t fall for one week or one-month trends, take a close look at the trends and choose what looks best on you. Why so? Because fashion trends are not for years but a person can make them sustainable over a year if it looks good on them. A dress that glorifies your beauty is worth more than 10 different styles which are just good but not excellent. But then arise a question how can these sleeveless or summer dresses be worn in winter? The answer is you can wear light jackets sweater or cardigans and be trendy and stylish.


Use of cardigans has increased a lot recently in our society which brought a change in the fashion industry and style of our women. Cardigans are lightweight long sweater and it is so light that you can wear it in summers. It has an open front you can close with buttons or wear it openly with button opens and be stylish at the same time. Cardigans are categorized as winter dresses because of their warm quality but the open style makes it possible to wear in both the seasons.


 Everyone knows how jeans can be used all over the year. A pair of jeans is never old as they get beautiful when they are getting old. Fashion trends change with the weather but with jeans, you don’t have to bother much as for winters you can choose long shirts which are in trends for that time of the season and wearing short shirts with jeans is equally stylish. It’s a thing that never gets out of the fashion and never will be.

Unique Dresses:

To have a stylish and fashionable wardrobe buy unique dresses. Now, what is a unique dress? Unique here means just something other than what everyone is wearing. Get one or two dresses that are not formal, nor informal but just the mixture of both. It has a couple of benefits for you as you will feel comfortable, relax and a bit different from others, obviously you are going to buy them for a slight difference but be sure that it looks good on you. Choosing a batman style man shirt or a long unbutton cardigan is a great idea.

Heels or the flat pair of shoes:

Well, to complete your seasoned look you have to consider both. Having a pair of both will not be a big problem as heels can go every kind of dress but you want to be relaxed for some time and for that you need flat shoes. Heels are stylish but there are some styles that just look good without heels. Check your dress and which one of the shoes look better with them to wear that. It will not only make you look stylish but also comfortable.

How to buy the best premium plus suits for summer this year?

Summer is all upon us but with this hot blazing sun woman’s desire to look beautiful has not crumpled a bit. Wearing premium suits all full of embellishment, fancy designs and sleek style is what women can’t overcome whether it’s summer or winter. To look different and trendy is why women strive for every new style. To get these style going women have to be picky and choose all the time and for this, we have made a run down to buy the best premium plus dresses.


To be the most stylish woman you have to wear the most trendy and unique dresses of the time. To achieve this you have to keep a great eye on the trends, are they long lasting or are they a one week style. Overlooking something may give you a feeling that you missed something amazing. The key to being among the trends is that premium attires are mostly stylish and trend based so if you want to look unique keep an eye on them.

Dress Quality:

A single well-stitched quality dress is much better than 100 poorly stitched and low fabric dresses. Quality always speaks for itself and it’s what you should always look in a dress. Nice and comfortable fabric makes it easy for you to wear that dress more often. Nowadays you can’t find 100% silk or 100% wool but find a dress that has the maximum of your desired type.

Consider Weather:

Before buying a premium, high-quality dress considers the weather around you. Sometimes we like a dress so much but we can’t wear them properly due to the weather. Try to buy a dress that can be used in both conditions hot and cool as well. Be stylish but know your limits too, buying an extremely warm dress in hot summer is not something intelligent. Don’t fall for it, when the new season will arrive you will see new designs as well.

Match your style with your personality:

We all have a personality that we carry all the time and this is the most important thing you need to consider. Dress matching your personality is a thing that will make you look glorious even after 5 years. All of us have a unique style, some of us have a quiet personality and they like to wear clothes that are plain and not so shouting. Lift your personality with your style, don’t try to be someone else because you are you and people are there who want to be like you.

It’s hard to find a dress that fulfills all your desires but it’s not impossible. It’s worth to walk around a bit more so you can be satisfied with your selection for a longer period of time.
Get what suits you best, enjoy wearing it and feel completely relaxed so your beauty can be exploited in a natural way. You can wear these dresses on every type of an event whether it’s a meeting, family gathering or a party.

Pakistani Women Dress Styles

Pakistani fashion has its own uniqueness and style which expresses their creativity and love for fashion. The dresses are mostly inspired by Indo-Pak culture and are a mixture of the culture with religion. Fashion trends have changed from time to time as different decades has their own styles and trends. Pakistani fashion has reached its boom in the last two decades with private media flourishing and new fashion icons entering the industry.

Last two decades saw a mixture of western and eastern culture which created flaunting and glitzy designs that are loved worldwide. The most amazing thing about the fashion industry of Pakistan is their acceptance of local designs and exploiting them into the international market. We have different cultural dresses in different provinces as Punjab mostly have shalwar kameez, dhoti kurta and a combination of both, Sindh has famous Sindhi Ajrak which is popular not even in Pakistan but worldwide. Traditional Balochi dresses are so rich in style that people from different lifestyle love to wear it. Balochi dress is usually called Phashik in the local language and it’s a long shirt that reaches to ankle, wrap to cover the head and upper body. Kalash valley has its own traditional dresses which are adorned by women.

Apart from these traditional dresses, women love to wear simple, elegant, trendy and stylish outfits. Stylish shalwar kameez attire is the dress which is admired throughout the country and is in used often. Cool Printed lawn suits, heavy embellished suits, and plain suits are the top dresses. Embellished suits are mostly used in parties and other events whereas the small number of women wear saris according to their body and looks. Party dresses can easily be divided into two groups which are three piece and two piece.

Two-Piece Dress:

These dresses, we can call them fancier and party kind of stuff as they are more stylish and are of western style. Long kurtas, short kurtas, sleeveless shirts combined with tights, palazzo and Patiala shalwar expresses an open style of the wearer. It gives a stylish, confident and modern look with the connection to the traditional dresses. Two piece dresses are most famous among teenage girls but also among adults. Sleek, smart and glowing looks give their wearer a look that they can never overlook.

Three-Piece Dress:

Conventional, traditional and every women choice are these dresses. Fancy, stylish and elegant you can call them whatever you want but they are the most commonly used dresses. Embellishment, gotta kinari, stars and layers of work make them one of their kind, from heavy to very light they are the heart of every party, event, and family gathering. Adaptable to every body size three piece dresses are the most flattering dress for women, comfortable and eye-catching designs make them the must-have dress for every woman.

No matter what type of event you are having, Pakistani women have covered it all. These dresses are simple yet stylish and they create a look which is befitting to their personality. These dresses create a simple, suitable and comfortable which is hard to overlook and also they give an extra boost to the women. Pakistani fashion markets are now the hub for unique cultural and modern dresses.

10 Tips to Buy a Quality Dress

When it comes to choosing and buying a dress, there’s a lot you need to consider. With so many pretty bags, sandals, shirts around the corner you need to be choosy and picky so that you can buy what you really need and not been impulsive at times. Buying a casual shirt or a designer dress that you are going to wear only once is not and never will be a good choice. Here is the rundown of tips to buy a quality dress.

1. Worth Money

The first thing to consider before buying a dress is to make sure that this dress has a good value for money. Am I wasting too much money on this? The money they are charging is what it should be? If you find the answer is yes then surely go for it but mostly this is not the case.
There are tons of dresses that are overrated in terms of price. Yes, they are good and nicely stitched but the amount they are charging is way too high and then there are dresses more beautiful, nicely stitched and with less price. So this is the point where you have to decide does it worth your money?

2. Size Chart

We all know that size varies from brand to brand so at least check it once before buying. You can easily investigate that by going to a dressing room. Check your size precisely and buy only those that fit you and you feel comfortable wearing them.

3. Fabric

 Nice, comfortable and easy to wash fabric is what that suits a lot of us. You just don’t need to be a pro, obviously, you need warm fabrics in winter and cool in summer and avoid buying light fabric clothes that can get threaded in days because then you are losing your money on a thing that you can’t wear but just can watch. Comfortable fabric makes you feel relaxed and wear your dress more often.

4. Am I Brand Conscious?

Don’t fall for brands. Ask yourself before buying clothes that are you a brand conscious or you can wear anything that look’s beautiful on you. As sometimes it’s not about brands but it’s about the look the feel that a dress exploits. If you are not brand conscious than you are not limited as it opens the door for you to buy anything at any time and yes cheaply too.

5. Buying Impulsively?

Are you buying this dress due to sale or some promotion or what? Ask yourself do you really need it or if the promotion is stopped will you still buy it or leave it. If your answer is no then it means it’s going to reside more in your closet than to be on you.

6. Buying because someone said it’s beautiful?

Oh look that’s so stylish. Wow, that shirt looks gorgeous on Emilia Clark, you should buy it. Don’t get carried away in this kind of situations as you surely are beautiful but then celebrities do a lot of stuff that you don’t. Try it if it looks good and you think that this dress is worth it then surely buy but don’t buy it because someone said it. You are the best judge of your dressing and know what looks best on you precisely.

7. Look Around

Before buying any dress look around. Don’t go for one shop wander here and there, look for designs, fabric, and trends. Go for a unique dress and exhibit a look that no one else can. Buying what everyone else is buying is not what you are born for. You are unique so maintain your standards.

8. Does it Suits you?

The dress you tried does it suits you? Does it match your skin tone? You may find a dress that is super stylish and you like it the most but try it for yourself before buying. If it suits your color your height, figure and style then buy it otherwise choose what looks best on you.

9. Is it the same thing you bought last year?

Compare it with the dress you bought last year. Are they making fool of you by giving you the same dress, revamping it with nothing new in it? Be trendy and before buying go through your closet to check what you have and what new you can buy.

10. Is It Comfortable?


 Wearing too tight, small or overly huge dress will not look good and will not be comfortable for you. Find the right size in which you can be comfortable sitting, walking and doing stuff which you regularly do. That way you can find the most perfect and gorgeous dress for yourself.

Ladies Fancy Dresses Pakistan – Style, Elegance & Class

Like every girl in the world love’s shopping so does the Pakistani women. For women, their dress is everything for them and even they feel their exercise is done if clothes fit them. Lol, right. It seems funny but here is a quote

“If I can get my dress on, my weight is under control.”

But wait, why women are so cautious about their dressing or why they are so crazy about it? There is a reason behind it and that is they have so many occasions to show up to and also they have to shop for everyone including kids, husband, brother, sister, mother and the list goes on. So stop making fun of us. Ladies are more anxious about their looks in case of any event for this the shopping starts a month before just to look good and stylish and that’s by the way our right is. In the case of any event the dress type obviously they want to choose is fancy and in Asian culture, the fancy dresses have different styles to fulfill the desires.

Fancy Attires of Pakistani women:

As in Pakistan our most of the events include family and related people so ladies try to find the dress that can be both stylish and elegant as well. This looks simple but to find a unique and stylish outfit is a matter that women take a lot seriously and thanks to the designers and countless models to help them in this regard. You can arrange fancy attires to 3 main categorize that can be wedding dresses, official events, and family events.

1.Fancy Wedding Dresses:

A top matter in our society is to wear what at a wedding and for that our wedding style fancy dresses include lehengas, sarees, and embroidered fancy shalwar kameez. The most famous from these 3 is lehengas as a bride is the women of the day and she chose to wear this on her special day. As a tradition dark red lehenga is selected and the bride is styled according to the event. Sarees are most favorite among slim girls, it’s a dress that takes your personality to look classy with no extra effort. Most women try to wear fancy shalwar kameez at weddings to be comfortable and stylish at same time.

2.Official Events:

Well, this is the trickiest situation for a woman to choose the dress for this kind of an event as you have to be more elegant and then be stylish. To find a dress that can fulfill both these situation is as tricky as putting an elephant alive in the refrigerator. But all hail to the women power we have got it covered.

Women tend to choose the less fancy but elegant dress with a stamp of authority in their dressing and dress up professional as well as fancy for the event.

3.Family Events:


For Family events, women like to choose a casual style with a little bit of fancy dress. This may include less embroidery with a classy look to be formal and stylish at the same time. Dressing for these type of events is not much of hassle as they tend to wear light makeup with just a little bit fancy style.

For every woman in the world styling and dressing is important but the thing important than this is to be comfortable wearing those dresses. A cool simple less fancy dress can be liked by women over a super fancy dress if it is super comfortable than the second one. Women are all up to fashion but staying classy is an art and they are born with it.

Top 5 Lawn Designer Suits For Pakistani Women

The summer of 2017 is here and the biggest problem for ladies is to select the dress for this hot weather. Although there are many choices here In Pakistan women love to wear lawn suits the most. The trend of women fashion has changed radically in Pakistan as now girls are more attracted to wear cigarette pants, Capri and tulip trousers but here is the thing no matter which style they choose they select lawn as their primary choice and then the style. There is a hunger for lawn in Pakistani women, at recent lawn sales women fought with each other to get their dress. Every year there are masses of designers stepping into the industry but the craze for the lawn is increasing at a very rapid rate. But for now, I have decided to show you my favorite of designer lawn suits. Below is a rundown for top 5 lawn suits.

1.Casual Style Shirt – Bint al Bilaad

The casual dress shirt from Bint al Bilaad is a fine addition to your wardrobe this summer. Straight embroidered shirt with round neck is a classic piece of lawn shirt to wear. Perfectly stitched full sleeve shirt which you can wear at any party or at home. Exquisite design with elegant style makes you look the heart-throb of the evening.

2.3 piece Kanika Lawn suit – Junaid Jamshed

On 2nd position its Junaid Jamshed 3 piece Lawn suit. Beach style full sleeve Lawn suit to eradicate the heat of summer and beat it in style. Capri style trouser, V-Neck shirt with dupatta depicts your choice for summer. Printed shirt with the piped neck is another thing to mention in the dress.

3.Embroidered blue Unstitched lawn suit – Maria B

On 3rd we have a Maria b exquisite blue embroidered dress. Elegantly stitched and cool embroidery style makes it perfect for you to wear on any day at any time on any occasion. Full Net sleeves as it is a summer dress with plain blue trouser makes it a perfect dress in the burning hot summer of 2017.

4.White Embroidered floral dress – Sana Safinaz

Cool clear and a morning yellow embroidered floral dress is the dress of the summer from Sana Safinaz. Floral style of embroidery gives it a vintage style with yellow and white color to brighten its style. Cool as ice style white color makes it a perfect match for this summer. Beat this hot summer with Sana Safinaz latest lawn collection and enjoy the heat.

5.V style Casual Shirt – Bint al Bilaad

The last but not the least casual style shirt from Bint al Bilaad. It’s the most elegant and simple casual style dress from the house of Bint al Bilaad. Simple yet amazingly stitched round neck shirt with full sleeves to cover your skin from the heat of summer. A masterpiece exquisite style shirt from the house of Bint al Bilaad to make you look younger and fresher in the blazing hot summer of 2017.

This is it from our list of top 5 Lawn Dresses. We will be updating you with the latest updates in the Fashion Industry of Pakistan.

Fashion Pakistan – Then & Now

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”
Bill Cunningham

Fashion is not about labels and it’s something that comes from inside of you. Fashion in Pakistan has different eras and it evolved during this period. It has its own rise and falls but for now, it has changed a lot. We have different eras even before the birth of Pakistan. Late 40’s and then the birth of Pakistan sees its own fashion industry.

The era of 40:

It was the time when Muslim’s of Pakistan were struggling for their independence and their dress reflected that. The fashion of late 40’s paid homage to the Muslim’s craftsmen. The dressing reflected Lucknow style dressing with shararas, ghararas and Aligarh Pajamas. Fatima Jinnah and Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan were the celebrity and style icon of that time.

Era of 50:

Independence brought a change in the people which reflected in their dressing as well. Aligarh pajamas and Lucknow style changed into saris which were more comfortable and women were delighted to this change. Celebrities like Noor Jehan, shameem ara were the style icons of that time.

The era of 60:

This decade again came with many changes and women enjoyed peddle pushers, maxis, bell-bottom and flappers. It was the time when women were inspired by western style but it was a mixture of western and eastern culture which brought a revolution in the fashion industry.

The 70’s:

70's change the whole revolution of western and eastern culture to Muslim fashion. Shalwar kameez with Masculine collars, brass buttons with the staple on the shoulder was the style of the decade. It was the time when Muslim Fashion traveled all over the world.

The 80’s:

80 was the era inspired by 70’s and mostly consisted of shalwar kameez, dhoti kurta, Turkish and Patiala kind of shalwars. It was the era which reflected our Punjabi style culture with the modernization of western Islamic countries.

The 90’s:

90 was the time when Pakistan was at the boom in different fields, most importantly in sports. Worldcup, Jansher Khan winning streak, Hockey triumphs at international level brought back the western culture and collaborations with eastern culture set the trends for the decade. The decade saw the wedding lehengas, Baloch shalwar, and jeans.

The era of 2000:

With international exposure, grooming and private channel introduction brought the revolution and customization of the dresses. The decade experienced a change in the fashion industry brought new fashion icons and trendsetters. Famous fashion icons of the time are Maria. B, Junaid Jamshed, Bintalbilaad, ego and much more.
The era saw a flurry of designs but the main changes came in women trousers styles. Pegi, trousers, Palazzos, wide leg jeans/ trousers, cigarette pants, capris, tulip trousers, tights and churidar pajamas.
The time also saw changes in shirt styles but it is mostly inspired by western culture, the period consists of long kurtas, short kurtas, shrugs, and cardigans etc.

Fashion has evolved over time but the most important to take in consideration is to be stylish with the most comfortable dress. Fashion in 2000 is all about comfortable and stylish suiting, women love’s fashion but they also want to have comfortable dressing so they can be relaxed at any time, any place and look stylish with less effort.